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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

- EmilyH

Last summer, my family and I went to the Dominican Republic. The part of the country that we went to was called Punta Cana. That place was so beautiful yet so different from New Jersey. There are so many different activities to experience here and I enjoyed every single one. All inclusive hotels are convenient, but exploring the outside world is even more fun!

During our stay at Punta Cana, we did so many thrilling things that I have to tell you about. Seven days of this place is probably the right amount of time to stay because you can experience it all. The sights are so beautiful here. The ocean is crystal blue and you can see your feet in the water perfectly. The weather is always warm so you can visit any time of the year. The waves are calm and soothing and just the right size. The scenery here is perfect for taking spectacular pictures or just enjoying the view.

My favorite activities there are some of the most dare devilish things I have ever done. If I could do it, anyone could. The one that gave me the most butterflies is parasailing. That was the coolest thing ever because you are so high up and you can feel the wind through your hair. Looking down was amazing because you could see everything and even through the water in the ocean! This was one of the best experiences.

Another nail-biting activity we did was zip lining through the mountains. You are literally flying across from station to station in the trees. You are so high up and going at a speed that was ridiculous. However, you still felt in total control. The ground that we covered was awesome!

The last cool thing that we did was swimming with the dolphins. That was so fun because I have never been so close to a dolphin before and even got to make it do tricks! These animals were so well trained and nice to be around that swimming with them and touching them was amazing.

This vacation was full of great sights, new activities, and so much to offer to their guests. I would love if I could go back and do it all over again. For anyone who loves to chill on the beach, try daring activities, or enjoys  family activities, this is the vacation spot for you!




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