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Camping Compromise

- Caroline

Sleeping in sleeping bags is something I did for fun when I was ten inside my living room.  Real camping, though, is NOT my thing so I was comforted to know that camping isn’t everyone’s thing either. However, during one summer weekend, I was forced outside my comfort zone and went on a camping trip with my friend. Her family owns a RV camper and boat in Port Clinton, OH; we camped and docked along the coast of Lake Erie.

It took some getting used to, but sleeping inside a boat is unlike any sleepover I’ve ever had! I admit walking 100 yards to brush our teeth was not ideal, but it was just a small price to pay to enjoy the calmness of the lakefront. Like any good sleepover, we girls stayed up late talking. With the additional cool breeze from the lake and night, the night felt like a true “camping” experience.

Getting your rest is important on the lake because sleeping in is not an option on a boat. If the bright blaze of the sunrise doesn’t wake you, then the chatter of nearby fisherman probably will. As soon as daylight was evident we heard boaters start up their engines and gather fishing materials to prepare for their adventure on the water. Luckily, our agenda did not include fishing.

Instead, we utilized Lake Erie’s water canals for jet skiing! After enjoying a full breakfast at “Dock’s Beach House,” a local restaurant filled with other campers we hopped on the jet ski and soared across Lake Erie. Since we were cruising up to 55mph, the water splashed our faces, cooling us down from the sun.

A day filled of soaking up the rays and absorbing Lake Erie’s water was peaceful and exhausting at the same time. The evening ended with a campfire at the camper which was the one part of camping I knew I’d love. The blazing fire felt as hot as the day’s sun on our burnt faces. My adventure with camping might not have been the “roughing it” that everyone expects, but it ended with s’mores and star light, a sure sign that a camping trip is complete.




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