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Father Daughter Day Trip

- Caroline

A father – daughter trip can be as unpredictable as the first day of school, but as fun as the weekend!

Recently my Dad and I hopped in the car and traveled four hours south, to Cincinnati, Ohio.  The trip was slightly spontaneous: we both had a Friday off and wanted to do something fun, but didn’t have lots of time to book a long weekend trip. So our solution to the “non- vaca” blues was to take off for a spontaneous day trip.

Picking a spot to drive to

In order for the long car ride to be worth it, we wanted to go somewhere fun. My Dad’s love for amusement parks and roller coasters lead to the obvious answer of KingsIsland. My love for water parks and slides reassured our location. KingsIsland is an amusement park with water park attached (and same entrance fee) owned by Cedar Fair located in Mason, OH, just outside of Cincinnati.

The car ride

Four hours each way, alone with only my Dad, is not an ideal situation. Normally our family vacations include my Mom and Sister. However, much to my surprise, it was not as bad as I had expected. Sure, when he drove, Dean Martin blared through the speakers, but when I took the wheel I sang along to Glee. Our music compromise enticed both of us to drive.

Sometimes we went miles tune-less, and just talked. About what?! If your Dad (like mine) has been around for awhile he’s got great stories to share. Some I’ve heard (more than once) but most were ‘new material’. When we passed Columbus he told me about his family vacations he took with his mom and dad as a kid. There were some funny things I learned about my dad, plus it helped the hours zoom by. I was also able to share details about summer job and my upcoming classes with him. Since both of us have busy schedules, sometimes it takes a long car ride to catch up and talk. Plus I’ll take life stories over my Dad’s “karaoke” version of “That’s Amore” any day!

Making the most of the day

The hard part about a day trip is that it’s only a DAY long. It’s easy to get lost in the activities and want to spend a few days there. In order to make the most of your day you need to know what you want to accomplish.

When we arrived at KingsIsland we knew there were a number of things we had to do. To start with, we had on our swimsuits with our clothes over them. We first headed to the Beast, which is the coaster you have to conquer if you have a brave bone in your body! The five minute wooden coaster tears you through the woods and back. Diamond, the tallest coaster in the park, was our next challenge. Then we hit the water rides and water park (on my check list). After that, we changed out of our suits and finished up the park with the smaller rides. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with less vacation time, but as our day trip concluded we felt fully accomplished!




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