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A Day In Vancouver

- Hannah

What to do???

Vancouver, one of Canada’s shining stars in a midnight sky of gleaming cities. It’s best feature: It has more great museums, restaurants, bars, shopping outlets and theaters than you can shake a stick at! It’s worst feature: There’s so many options that planning out a single day visit can be complicated and confusing. I can’t speak for everyone, but here’s two things I did in my day visit to the great city of Vancouver!


Ate At A Yakiniku House

Hungering for some sushi fresh from the Pacific Ocean that laps at Vancouver’s very doorstep? We were! So we headed over to Shabusen, a Japanese Yakiniku House. It was an incredible experience. I haven’t ever really had good sushi before, and eating raw fish was a little difficult at first. But soon I was hooked! (Pun intended!) Although I must say that eating plain raw tuna, without sauce or rice wasn’t the best. It was interesting though! All of the food was artfully designed and displayed, as well as being delicious!

The restaurant itself was very beautiful. The tables we were seated at were designed as boats and when sitting in them you aren’t permitted to wear shoes. Also, there were mini grills installed in the table and if you so wished, you could grill your own meat!

Visited The Museum Of Anthropology

This museum is well worth looking into. It is based on cultures around the world, but it’s main focus is on the native people of British Columbia. There is an incredible display of artifacts there, and I was amazed to learn that the culture of the people is still alive. Despite western civilization taking ahold of Canada in general, the native peoples have survived and passed on their heritage to their ancestors. Many of the exhibits in the museum have been donated by tribes who wish for others to learn of them and their heritage and story.

Check Out The Totem Poles!

There are many totem poles on display in the museum, as well as some of the native feast dishes and masks. In fact, there is such a variety of artifacts from around the world that I could never possibly list them here. Check out their website here to find out more!

If you go to Vancouver, be sure to do these things and more! Where is your favorite place to go in Vancouver?




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