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The Mama Bus: The Halfway Point

- Hannah


The Mama Bus is at their half-way point! We are currently in Oregon, visiting friends and family of the Wood Clan. So the day after we reached the coast we went to put our feet in the water. Many of the Wood’s family and a few friends came and it became a party!

The waves were crashing hard onto the sand when we arrived. The wind played a tune of victory in the branches of the trees as Jessy (4), Jillian (11) and I skipped down to the water. Shoes, hats and jackets went flying as all 11 kids and both mamas linked arms and ran, screaming and splashing through the surf of the great Pacific Ocean.

Groups split up, some to run races down the beach and then plunge headfirst into the sea. Others to carefully walk in the surf, searching for the sand dollars that littered the beach. Some went to squish the dead jellyfish. One got stung (I’m not going to mention names) which soon put a stop to that program. A few got wet and then rolled down the sandy beach to become sand monsters. The mama’s sat and talked near the waves.

After a few hours we loaded back into the bus, with salt on our skin, and sand everywhere. Sadly, the two families loaded into different buses, the Millers to head up into British Columbia to visit family, and the Woods to stay in Oregon with friends and family. We will be separated for a week and a half before continuing the Mama Bus adventure.

Happy Trails!




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