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Finding Mother/Daughter Time on Vacations

- Caroline

For years one could predict what our family vacation would be like with my family. The four of us (Mom, Dad, sister, and myself) piled in a van (station wagon when we were really young!), had lots of laughs, which was then followed eventually by someone not getting along. It’s true our vacations were not always as warm and fuzzy as a Full House episode. But we got smarter in the ‘older seasons’ of our trips and started splitting time with each other. It was an easy way to make sure we all got to do what we enjoyed and spend some quality one-on-one time with both our parents.

Our trip to Orlando, Florida was a 10-day vacation during the holidays. The first day we arrived at Orange Lake, my Mom and I discovered the walking path that gently guided around the resort. Walking was our easy way of separating from my Dad and sister when we needed some space. The path twisted and turned throughout the resort creating a peaceful view.

Our days spent enjoying the poolside and beachfront were amazing, but on day four my Mom and I were looking for something else to share. Since it was wintertime when we went to Florida we still had our “Cleveland mindset” and our pedicures were a mess. (It had been months since people back home saw our feet in sandals so we got lazy about keeping up with the toenail polish.) Our spa treatment offered the perfect mix of relaxation and social hour for my Mom and me. While my sister and Dad were off enjoying their own adventure, we were able to sneak away (which by day four was needed).

Family vacations can sometimes be overwhelming so it’s important to spend quality time with everyone you’re with. Going to a spa and getting pedicures was something different that we normally wouldn’t do back home. By the end our nails looked good, our feet felt refreshed and we had enjoyed some classic mother-daughter time like you see on “The Gilmore Girls!”




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