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Safety in Numbers in the Big City

- Caroline

A couple Thanksgivings ago my four-person family teamed up with my cousin’s three-person family for a trip to NYC. All of us were overwhelmed traveling with seven people! (Those of you with a large family are probably laughing at this all too familiar event, and hats off to those of you who always travel with 7 people.) Strength in numbers may be correct but our large travel group felt like a group tour at times.

Because there’s LOTS to do in NYC (if you don’t believe me see the countless numbers of blogs here on TTT) ) it was a challenge keeping all of us happy (and sometimes together). To make sure we all kept up with the bustle of NYC my sister, cousin and I implemented a counting system. It started as a joke but when you’re walking fast to make subway trains, buses and lights, it’s easy to lose a quiet mom or aunt. Obviously the children were in charge of counting the adults, because the adults would’ve lost their heads if they weren’t attached! Really!

Craving independence and time spent WITHOUT four adults surrounding us, my sister and I developed a get-away: a Broadway show. No one else in the family was interested in seeing a musical so it was a great way to do what we wanted to do, alone.  The “bus” of five people walked us to Gershwin Theatre for us to see WICKED. (My personal favorite musical that I could write an entire blog itself about!)

After the show we called our parents from our cell phone to meet them somewhere nearby. My sister and I were relieved we didn’t have to head count after intermission. Our parents felt reassured that we were safe in a big city. We had ‘defied gravity’ by breaking away from the group, which was much needed for everyone.




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