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Cedar Point: Halloweekends

- Cathleen

My favorite thing about the fall season is Halloween. I love going through haunted houses and getting scared out of my wits!

Cedar Point makes Halloween fun for people of all ages. Not only are their rides still open, but they have festivities for the Halloween season. In the afternoon, when it’s still bright outside, they have a parade that goes from the front of the park to the back. The parade kicks off with a band; they have so many cool costumes in the parade. There are people of all sorts in the parade, from witches, goblins, and vampires, to people walking on stilts. The last person in the parade is snoopy wearing a cape and mask waving to all the people below. It is a very impressive parade and is great for little or older kids to enjoy.

After the sun goes down the scary people come out. Cedar Point has ten haunted attractions including haunted houses and trails. These haunted attractions include Blood on the Bayou, Maniacal Mechanical Screamworks, Carnevil, Cornstalkers, Fear Faire, Terror Island, Club Blood, Eternity Infirmary, Eerie Estate, and Happy Jacks Toy Factory. I have been to Cedar Point’s halloweekends three times so far this season and have gone through every haunted attraction. They are all so scary! As you walk through Cornstalkers you pass hundreds of corn stalks. They have workers dressed up to blend in with the corn and jump out and scare you! Another cool haunted house is Happy Jacks Toy Factory; the beginning of it is a maze of mirrors. You can’t tell which way to go with all the mirrors.

I really liked all of these haunted attractions. The masks, makeup, and costumes are done so well.

If you don’t like haunted houses or you have small children with you then don’t worry, the haunted houses are optional. For older guests there are fortune tellers to go to.  You sit down and have your palm read for free to see what your future entails. For the little kids there is a house called boo hill, where they can dress up and go trick or treating early and get some candy. Outside of that is a hay maze for them to walk through to try to get to the end. Entertaining for both older and little guests is the magic show located at the front of the park. This musical magic show includes tricks such as cutting a girl in half to girls appearing out of thin air. It is a puzzling show for people of all ages.

All in all Cedar Point is great for the Halloween season. There is something to do for everyone. Even if you don’t want to do any of the Halloween attractions, their rides are still open for guests to be thrilled.




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