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This is the Life

- Caroline

The best vacations for me include doing nothing. Sure sightseeing is fun, as is biking, shopping, tubing, sledding and pretty much any other ‘ing’ word no matter the season.  But the ultimate vacation involves none of those things. Lounging around, soaking up sunrays or sleeping are my favorite ways to enjoy a vacation. And it’s a great way to remember the simple pleasures of life that surround you every day.

Laying on the hammock day in and day out was how I spent my time in Florida. The isolation of the hammock allowed peace and quiet all the time. It also created my favorite spot to read.

Suntans aren’t the reason I lay out. In fact I don’t really care how white I am. But mid-day naptime is amazing under a big marshmallow-shaped cloud in a blue sky. I haven’t had a nap so peaceful since I was two!

I wouldn’t call myself a “bird watcher” but I enjoy watching birds while I’m at the beach. When I wake up from my beach nap I usually like to throw breadcrumbs to the seagulls just to watch them swoop down and eat.  It’s one of those simple pleasures that engage me for quite a while.

Ok, so doing nothing can get a bit boring sometimes. After I’ve listened to every song on my ipod, finished my book, have hammock creases on my arms and legs and have had all the sun I can handle in a day, THEN I know it’s time to walk away and find something to do (something relaxing of course.) After I come home I like to print pictures out so I can always take a break and remember the basics of relaxing on vacation.




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