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The Mama Bus Goes To Yosemite

- Hannah

We’re all super excited to be here!

The road winds upward through the towering mountains of California. The Mama Bus twists around the curves and finally into Yosemite National Park.

The first thing on our list of things to see was the giant Sequoias. And they are giant! It is a known fact that the redwood trees are much taller than the sequoias, but the sequoias are much larger in diameter. In fact, when we visited one of the most famous trees, the Grizzly Giant, we learned that you could fit half an Olympic pool inside!

Another tree you can see while walking the groves is the sugar pine. The tree itself isn’t that impressive, but it can grow pine cones a foot long! Here’s a fun idea if you go with family:

Host a contest for the biggest cone!

The one we found actually turned out to be our tour guide’s prop!

But the giant sequoias aren’t the only incredible thing to see. There’s also all sorts of cliffs, geological formations, waterfalls and more to check out. I especially liked all of the hiking trails available, being a very active person.

We didn’t get to spend more than a few days exploring the area, but I could definitely have stayed much longer!

What is your favorite National Park?




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