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Germany’s Fairy-Tale City: Rothenburg

- William

The first discovered historical records of Rothenburg appear listing it as a town in the 9th century. It has survived until now, lasting through events such as the Thirty Year’s War and World War II. It still is reminiscent of a medieval town, with narrow streets and old houses. Its charming nature has caused it to become one of the largest tourist attractions in Germany.


The cobblestone streets are lined with colorful shops and restaurants, sporting a wide variety of merchandise and food.


One of the most recognized stores is Kathe Wolfhart, which produces Christmas decorations. A tourist favorite is the Teddy Store, offering plush bears of all shapes and sizes. A huge Steiff bear stands guard out front.


There are many restaurants in Rothenburg, serving authentic German dishes. My favorite: Schnitzel and French Fries. There are also a variety of museums, like the Imperial Museum, Antique Toy Museum and the Museum of Medieval Law and Punishment.


Every year, they perform festive activities like the Shepherd’s Dance and parades.


But despite all of this, Rothenburg is best known for its beauty, ranging from the antiquated architecture of the massive cathedrals to the wide ranges of hills and mountains it lays nestled in. Some of the best places to see are on top of the parapet that still encloses the town.


If you don’t want to walk, you can even ride in a horse-drawn carriage around town! Like many interesting sites in Germany, coming on a weekday is best to avoid some of the Saturday and Sunday crowds.


This wonderful city is an outstanding example of a medieval European town. Make sure to stop by here for a couple of hours when you’re passing through!




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