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The Mama Bus: Commonly Asked Questions

- Hannah

As we’ve traveled to the Pacific Coast and back we have been privileged to meet many different families and we’ve made new friends along the way, as well as reunited with old ones. In the course of our journey, we have encountered many of the same questions. Here’s some of the more popular ones:

Q: Who came up with this crazy idea?

A: Actually, this whole trip was Mrs. Wood’s dream for many years.

She has always wanted to take her seven kids now ages 2-15 across the country and back. However, her dream was never realizable until now! It was my mom, Mrs. Miller, that decided to work with Mrs. Wood to get the whole plan on the road (pun intended!).

Q: How did you fund it once you got started?

A: Cookies, brownies, wood and some kind donors!

In Massachusetts the Miller family got right to work, my brothers and me stacking wood, selling popcorn and cotton candy, and writing for travel blogs. Mom started a website and strangely enough, the idea caught on! People wanted to pay to see two crazy (but wonderful) moms and their 11 kids take a trip across the country. Hey, I’m not complaining!

Meanwhile, the Wood family was working hard, baking hundreds of cookies to sell at ball games, helping neighbors rake their lawns, and selling eggs from their small chicken farm. Jessie looked cute for “please donate” pictures and Mrs. Wood stuck hand magnets and a U.S map onto The Mama Bus.

Pretty soon we were underway!

Q: What has your favorite state been so far?

A: Everyone in the bus has a different answer!

Personally I loved South Dakota for the incredible and breathtaking landscape we found there. As we drove, one minute we would be in the colorful dusty red rocks and gorges of the badlands, and the next we would be driving through tall, fresh cedar forests with moss growing thickly on the forest floor, creating a luxurious green carpet perfect for walking on. Not to mention the tall granite cliffs that Gutzom Borglum carved Mount Rushmore out of!

Q: How have you liked your trip so far?

A: It honestly hasn’t been what I expected.

I expected a certain level of crazy, because with 11 kids all under fifteen it can only get so peaceful before pandemonium breaks out! And there definitely have been moments of over-the-top, through-the-roof hilarity and insanity, I won’t deny it! But for the most part it’s been relatively calm and quiet for much of the time.

The only thing that has been difficult for me has been the lack of personal space. Whether we are in the car or resting in a campground, there is always a younger child in need of my attention, or a job that needs doing. Getting a few moments alone can be difficult.

On our journey, the curiosity of strangers, friends, and family, have led them to ask us these questions. These are some of the more popular ones we’ve been asked.

We welcome more questions from all of you!




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