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Motorboating in Italy! Lake Garda

- William

The wind rushes by you, gentle and powerful at the same time. Gazing out, your eyes are greeted by sparkling water and blue skies, devoid of clouds, as you zip past sandy beaches shadowed by green trees. You are motor boating on Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy.


As one of our goals on our travel through Italy, we were hoping to take a motorboat out on Lake Garda, a huge lake in northern Italy. At the docks where a sign had advertised speedboat rents were several motorboats parked along a pier.


We all climbed into a boat. The man working there drove out with us to the dock, and then changed to another boat and drove back, leaving us to roam free around Lake Garda.


 On the shore, we could see the remains of a Roman Villa, which is part of the Archeological Park.(More on that later!)


When traveling by motorboat, the spray can drench anything you leave lying around. The water soaked through my bag and destroyed a deck of cards. It’s also good to have sun block and a hat with a brim. Despite surfing on the water, you can get sunburned pretty badly.


At one point, we stopped the boat. We were going to swim in Lake Garda! The water was pretty cold, but all of us, except for Dad, swum around the motorboat. For flotation, we used the white rubber cylider-like flotation devices under the seat with the life jackets. It was awesome to be floating in such a huge lake!


Halfway through our voyage, we had to change from the first fuel tank to the second. Later, I even got to steer the boat! This was the highlight of our Italy trip. I hope anyone with a spare day in northern Italy will give it a try.




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