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Halloween Countdown: Creepy Careers Involving the Supernatural

- Justine

It’s officially one week until Halloween! I hope you’ve all finalized your costume decisions. The next TTT-recommended Halloween event kicks the fright factor up a notch. Those who love to be utterly frightened around Halloween can’t miss “The Silo and the Supernatural,” on Sunday, October 30th. Hunt Hill Farm in New Milford, CT is hosting a talk with John Zontok, and investigator for the Northwest CT Paranormal Society, and Bob Mills, a photographer who identifies authentic paranormal photos. This is the real deal, guys. Zontok and Mills will discuss their trade and the history behind paranormal photography, then share with the audience audio and visual clips of a ghost solider from the Revolutionary War. This presentation will be so eerie that visitors must be age 12 and up. Buy tickets in advance at, but only if you can handle the spook.




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