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To Text or Not To Text…

- Caroline

That is the question that we all ask ourselves when we’re away from home and have an inbox full of messages. Ok, so maybe we don’t ask ourselves that question when we’re on vacation. Maybe we ask ourselves “What did they do in the ‘90s when people called the house phone and left messages on the answering machine?!”

The answer to that question is simple: they enjoyed their vacation and discovered “Hugo and Kim got pinned” when they came home.

When I took a class trip to London, England I was forced to survive without a cell phone for 10 days. My phone had no international roaming so I had to adapt quickly. At first I was nervous to lose that connection with my family and friends back home. However, as the trip continued the lack of connection to my home made me less homesick. (I didn’t miss what I didn’t know was going on). It also forced me to spend more time hanging out with the group of other students who turned out to be pretty cool.

Not to mention, I was able to get lost in the city of London! (Not literally, that is a good example of when cell phones are particularly handy on vacations.) The 10 days went by so fast between the sites and culture I was able to forget about anything happening “across the pond.”

Chances are it’ll be a long time before I visit London again. But Glee will be available to watch on DVD, so really, what was I missing? I’m not admitting to turning my cell phone off on every vacation I go on. I am admitting that I believe Ferris Bueller, when he said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”




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