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Chichen Itza: Historic Monument Of The Mayan People

- Hannah

The sun rises above the luxurious foliage of a green jungle.

Birds scream and monkeys howl, setting the tone for the day. Long, draping vines hang down, blocking out the sunlight from the jungle floor. Flowers bloom on the trees, letting their fragrance fill the air as they nod their bright heads in the radiant sunlight. A troop of carpenter ants trails along, carrying their nutritious burdens along the jungle floor to their nest. They crawl laboriously, over twigs and dead foliage, moving steadily towards their destination. Suddenly, the trees that surround them on all sides are gone as they enter a wide clearing. A massive pyramid of stone rises above the trees, towering towards the sky to greet the sun; unchanging, immovable, ancient.

Chichen Itza.

Chichen Itza is an incredible piece of history, located deep in the Mexican jungle. Home to the Mayan people from 700 A.D. until the 1300’s, it remains well preserved for visitors to wander and imagine the lives local Mayan’s lived there. But be prepared, it is a very popular attraction and is rarely near-empty. It can also be very hot, even by my standards. So come prepared, bearing waterbottle, sunshades and hats!

Chichen Itza’s ballcourt and pillars of stone are incredible. Many pillars stand, tall and even now sturdy and strong. Archeologists speculate that they must have once held up great structures, as there are many of them covering quite a large perimeter.

Sadly, the great pyramid itself can no longer be climbed as it is not permitted.

I’ve heard that this is because a tourist fell down the incline years ago. In my lifetime it has not been open to visitors. Go to Teotihuacan to climb the pyramids there!

A tropical sunrise is worth seeing!

While you are visiting, be sure to watch the sun rise over the magnificent scene of the primeval city, lasting for ages past it’s time. Soak in the first beams of warm sunlight and hear the jungle awake to greet them. Watch as the sun hits the pyramid and bathes it in a glow of oranges and reds as it climbs slowly into the 21st century day. It is the waking moments of the morning; rejoice in the ages past and in the newness of a different day!




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