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Who You Gonna Call? “On Location” Movie & TV Tours!

- Tyler

Recently my family and I had the opportunity to take an On Location Tours New York TV & Movie Sites Tour. Even though we are local to New York, I still like to do touristy things around the city every once in a while. It’s funny, out of about 80 people or so, we were the only New Yorkers on the tour that day. There were people with us from all over the world, including Australia, Scotland, across the U.S.A. This particular tour was a 3-hour trip around Manhattan by bus to famous sites featured in movies and television shows.

Our guide, Gary, who doubles as an extra in movies, commercials, etc., was very funny and knowledgeable. He told us a hilarious story about the time he was an extra in the Lonely Island video “Boombox” on Saturday Night Live (He was the business man dancing next to Andy Sandburg).

Even though most of the tour was spent on the bus sightseeing, we were able to get off at a few special stops, such as an active firehouse, FDNY Ladder 8, or as you may know it, the Ghostbusters headquarters. We also stopped at Washington square, the pizza shop from Men in Black II (we sampled the pizza, which was pretty good), and finally the apartment building from Friends (which looks much bigger on camera).

Gary also asked movie and television trivia questions throughout the tour, giving out lollipops to those who answered correctly. Overall, I think the tour is a really fun way to see New York, especially if you’re into movies and TV. On Location Tours also offers tours in Brooklyn, Central Park, and special tours focused specifically on the Soprano’s, Sex and the City, and Gossip Girl sites. After the trip was over they dropped us about a block away from Rockefeller Center, which is one of the hubs in midtown Manhattan.

Gary was also more than happy to give participants any information needed in regards to some of the best places to see while visiting the city. This is really helpful because it’s always good to get an “insider’s” recommendation.




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