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History Lesson Road Trip

- Caroline

My dad finds it entertaining to slip in small history lessons during our family vacations. History is not my favorite school subject, but seeing things in real life makes it more fun for me to learn. Years ago we stopped in the historic district of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to see the famous Liberty Bell.

Originally the bell was ordered for the Pennsylvania State House (known today as Independence Hall) in 1752. The bell has been re-cast twice since 1753. The 2,080-pound bell rang to announce many important events in early American history and to call state legislatures into session, back when Philadelphia was the nation’s capital.

History buff or not, viewing an iconic symbol of liberty of freedom is pretty cool. It made it more fun to open my textbook and read about the Declaration of Independence, Revolutionary War and other historical event at the start of our country’s history.  I felt as if I had travelled back in time to the land of our Founding Fathers. Plus this 3 feet bell with a crack that’s 24.5 inches is more impressive in person than in any textbook or photo I’ve seen! The bell can be viewed 24 hours a day and worth a road trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.




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