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Martin Guitar Factory

- Hannah

Martin Guitar Factory, located in Nazereth, Pennsylvania, is one of the best guitar manufacturers in the world.

Every guitar they produce in the picturesque old brick factory is almost 100% handmade by the 500+ workers who painstakingly labor to create the work of art that each guitar embodies.

Over 200 top-quality guitars are made here each day.

The process has speeded up considerably since the 1800’s when the factory opened in New York City (it relocated later on.) Back in the day only 182 guitars were made each year. Now, thanks to modern technology and over twice as many workers, 24,085 acoustic steel string guitars are manufactured each year. This number does not include the few electric guitars that are produced or the ukeleles created per year.

The Martin Guitars are world renown, with musical geniuses of the past such as Elvis, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young sporting fancier models.

These guitars cost anywhere from $299 to thousands of dollars.

Tours are available to music loving visitors wishing to see for themselves the wonder of guitars being born. The tour begins with the guide showing everyone different varieties of wood used in the crafting of the instruments. The rarest is the Brazilian Rosewood, a lovely red wood, with a hint of gold in it. This tree is rare, and so the company hardly ever gets ahold of a log. Very few guitars are ever made using this wood.

The tour then continues into the main room, where various stages of guitar production are taking place around the room. In one corner a man carefully applies glue to the inner ribbing of a guitar while in another a woman bends over the back of a guitar tediously fitting in small pieces of abalone as a gorgeous decoration. And in yet another corner a young man takes a break from his work and strums a guitar, sending vibrant notes of superb music throughout the work area.

When the guitars are finished they are kept for a few weeks in a varnishing area where they are varnished, dried, and varnished many more times to achieve the perfect shine. Then they are shipped all over the country for eager musicians to enjoy.

The tour comes to a completion in the perfect way:

A chance to play a few of the Martin Guitar brands ourselves. Folks young and old gathered around to strum the instruments with various levels of expertise.

The Martin Guitar Factory is the ultimate way for people of all ages to celebrate the tradition of music in the U.S. Every guitar is a masterpiece. Visit their website to get one yourself.




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