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There she blows, Nantucket & the winter holidays!

- Kim

Maybe you’ve only heard of Nantucket in passing. Maybe the name only sounds like an off-hand memory of something distant, untouchable, but let me set you straight. There is nothing quite like Nantucket throughout the seasons. A historical pinpoint in Massachusetts, Nantucket is often associated with the traditional, New England town, complete with an honorary mention in the American classic, Moby-Dick. For many, the name is associated with billowing sails, outdated light houses, and cobbled roads?.

Do you have high standards for your ideal New England winter holiday experience, complete with the classic Tree Lighting Ceremony and Community Caroling? This place has its own distinct call, an independent siren voice like no other. Nantucket rings with Christmas-time appeal. Everything from the brisk sea air to the legendary hot clam chowder rings with the best parts of winter. For the poet, the escapist, or the uneasy teenager yearning for something more warm and cozy in this chilling climate, Nantucket is perfect. It’s the provincial, forgotten town of folklore—a place for crisp beginnings and fairytale endings. I think that it’s the best place to hold hands, cup a bowl of soup, and make a wish upon a star. There’s something about the place that possesses the childish mirth of Christmases past and the allure of bookish comforts.

So take a risk. Lose yourself in the most meaningful cliché of a winter wonderland you have ever experienced. Experience winter like it should be experienced: slowly, deliberately, and magically. Become entranced by a place that should have been lost in story books; find Nantucket.


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