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Eating in Epcot

- Caroline

Epcot, one of the 6 parks that make up Disneyworld, highlights the different cultures all around the globe including; Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, United States, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, and Canada. Each section of the park is based off one of the countries listed above. In every “country” the scenery looks different; the attractions or based around that culture or history; and (my favorite) the food was something unique to that homeland! Deciding what and where to eat can be a challenge, but there are plenty of choices. After lots of trips with my family, I’ve found that anywhere you may travel to — even remote areas — there are usually  tasty options even for picky eaters.



We walked around the park twice sniffing out our multi-cultural options.

  • Tacos and churros in Mexico.
  • Eggrolls and lo mein in China.
  • Bratwursts in Germany.
  • Pasta in Italy.
  • Burgers and fries in America.
  • Sushi and seafood in Japan.
  • Lamb in Morocco.
  • Escargot in the French Bistro.
  • Fish and chips in United Kingdom.

What I liked about Epcot’s eating’s was the cultural choicest. Where else can you walk between homemade pasta sauce and fresh grilled bratwursts?!  What I didn’t like was the fancy dinning options in some of the countries. I was hoping to try food that I wasn’t familiar with (like lamb!) but I didn’t want to go to a higher priced restaurant if I ended up hated it. I’m a bit picky that way.

We landed in China. Well we walked around the parked twice and thought General Tso chicken and fried rice sounded great. The restaurant had a Chinese feel to it and our place settings taught us how to write Chinese symbols. Eating in Epcot could take a whole day if you tried everything. I suggest grabbing a map and lapping the park first.




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