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Good Food In Boston (Yum!)

- Hannah

Boston is one of my favorite cities in the U.S. The architecture there is beautiful, the parks and public gardens well kept and lovely, especially in the summer, and there is a wide variety of different cultures. But my favorite aspect of Bostonian life is the food. These are three of my favorite markets, bakeries, and restaurants.

Quincy Market

Near Faneuil Hall one of the best markets in Boston takes place every weekend. Stalls are set up, tarps flap in the wind, and a faint scent of fruit and veggies wafts through the salty air. Vendors scurry around their claimed booths, yelling above the noise of the city to each other, laughing and joking as they pile high the strawberries, melons, broccoli, tomatoes and more that they’ve brought to sell.

Soon the customers begin to arrive. Little old women hobble by, dragging their carts behind them, business men look for some lunch, kids giggle as they munch on some fruit. Old men haggle furiously with the vendors, just for the joy of bargaining. The cry’s of the vendors hawking their wares echo through the streets, merging with the sounds of cars, people and seagulls.

L’ Osteria 

Part of Boston is entirely inhabited by people with an Italian heritage. It is here that my very favorite restaurant in the world (so far!) is located. Enter L’ Osteria, a restaurant run  by an Italian family, with the most deliciously mouthwatering food I’ve ever tasted. The interior is elegantly designed, with old fashioned lighting and a wine bar. The menu? A wide variety of pastas, antipasti, meat dishes, seafood, and more. Each meal comes with a complementary basket of bread and olive oil to dip it in. Everything on the menu is good, which makes it rather difficult to choose an entrée!

Mike’s Pastry

For desert, head over a few blocks to Mike’s Pastry. This is the very best pastry shop in Boston, or for that matter, in all of New England. President Clinton used to order from this shop and have his pastries delivered straight to the White House. They specialize in  cannoli’s, but also provide cakes, cheesecakes, gelato, cupcakes, cookies of every kind imaginable, and more. My personal favorite are the Lobstertails. These culinary creations are gigantic hollow pastries with a ridiculously delicious amount of rich cream filling inside. Yum!

What are your favorite food destinations in the States?




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