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Niagara Falls, Canada: Wax Criminal Hall of Fame

- Cathleen

Niagara Falls is known for the ginormous wate fall that never ends. Although tourists take a lot of pictures and stare at the water for minutes to hours, there is more to do in Niagara Falls than just see the falls themselves. Over the Thanksgiving weekend my family and I went to Canada. While we were there my Dad and I did something rather unusual but interesting: we went to a wax museum.

This particular wax museum was not of the ordinary. It was filled with criminals from all over the world from Al Capone to Black Beard the Pirate.

There were so many criminals around the world that I never even heard of. It was very interesting to see how generations changed from gangster men to cold blooded killers. Toward the end of the museum, they clearly noted that these killers are not in any way meant to be glorified. They broke the law and deserved the punishment they all deserved. They even had a mock electric chair that guests could sit in to take a quick picture.

I think this wax museum was a cool way to present this disturbing, but interesting information. I learned a lot of new stories, and more information about people I already knew. For more information about the museum itself, check out their website.




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