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Two Delicious Foodie Go-To’s On Cape Cod, MA

- Hannah

Chatham is a quaint little Cape Cod town, with a salty heritage.

This town used to be a fishing town, but has now moved on to the more popular occupation of the tourism trade. Home to many unique and beautiful shops and boutiques, it is a great place to go shop away the afternoon while on Cape Cod. MA.

Two of my favorite stores to visit are the Chatham Cheese Company and Gustare’s Oils and Vinegars.

The Chatham Cheese Company is a small, hole in the wall store that provides the best in gourmet foods. Everything from olives, breads, bacon chocolate (a weird, but utterly delicious sweet) to quinoa, maple syrup, and more, is provided here in small quantities.

But the Chatham Cheese Company mainly specializes in a delightful array of gourmet cheeses, from the finest Manchegoes, Parranos and Camemberts from around Italy, Greece, Spain and Germany. Some of my favorites are the Drunken Goat, Gouda, and Brie cheese.

If you’d rather have a taste of something more specific to the region, that’s not a problem at all! An incredible assortment of cheddars, montgomery jacks, and goats cheeses are at hand for the choosing.he owner will assist you in picking the perfect one for your palate, since being faced with this much delicious fare makes settling on just a few surprisingly hard!

Gustare’s Oils and Vinegars is just as good!

This lovely, cheery little shop supplies five star olive oils and balsamic vinegars. These sit in rows of shiny copper kettles, begging to be tasted.

The olives for the oil come from around the world. Some of the finest olives come from Spain, Italy, Greece, California, and Tunisia. They are infused with multiple different flavor such as coffee, basil, and citrus. We bought a delicious bottle of white truffle oil, which reminded us of the time we spent cycling the tall ocean cliffs of the Adriatic Coast one year.

The balsamics also have many flavors including raspberry, orange, chile pepper, chocolate, cinnamon and more. They are all incredible! Most of them are aged for 12 years, but one is aged for a magnificent 15 years, and so has a sweeter, richer flavor. These balsamics are made only in Modena, Italy, which provides them with a delicious Italian zest.

I would highly recommend both of these shops to anyone looking for a good year-round activity in Chatham, or a mouthwatering Christmas present for a foodie friend! I’m sure their and your taste buds will love you for it!




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