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Food, Festivities & Treasures: Germany’s Nuremburg Christkindlesmarkt – Part 1

- William

Welcome to training, traveler! Today is the first part of three sessions on the German Christmas Markets, or Christkindlesmarkts. By the end of this course, you will be prepped and ready to go for most Christkindlesmarkts. Today, we are covering the Food.

Ah, yes, the food. The most important part of the market.

There are a variety of specialties found here that are rare at any other time in the year. The traditional Christkindlesmarkt snack is the Mandelen. These delicious treats are almonds, glazed in sugar. They are great! Besides almonds, you can also usually find peanuts and cashews that have been given the same treatment. Be on the lookout for these; it’s a food you don’t want to miss! They come in paper cones of different sizes.


Cotton candy is sometimes for sale, along with popcorn. There is always a selection of gingerbread as well. You will find it, usually wrapped in plastic, hanging in front of the stands. Frosting is used to spell words and make pictures on the surface. This gingerbread is hard, along with the frosting on top of it, so it takes a while to eat.

There is usually Lebkuchen which is a German food that usually comes in a circular or rectangular shape. Colors vary with the topping, but the best is the chocolate covered Lebkuchen. For those who don’t like chocolate, they also come plain or glazed with sugar. They are excellent as well, and a must if it’s your first time at a Christkindlesmarkt.

It is sometimes possible to find fresh waffles at Christkindlesmarkts as well, but by far the most common food to find is the Bratwurst. It is similar to a hot dog, but has a harder consistency. It is great in a biscuit, washed down with some Kinderpunsch. Kinderpunsch is a sharp, sweet drink served to children at the market. You can keep the special cups it is served in, or return them for a refund.

Hot chocolate can often be found as well!

In my experience, these are the main foods you can eat at the Christkindlesmarkts. Next section: the festivities!




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