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Milwaukee Ballet: The Nutcracker

- Cathleen

I love going to see musicals and plays around the country. Live performances are so incredible to watch! Since I was in the Christmas spirit, I decided to check out The Nutcracker ballet featured in Milwaukee.

This was the second time I have ever seen the Nutcracker. The last time I saw it was I young and don’t remember much from it. I know that after seeing this performance, I won’t ever forget it again. The dancers were breath taking! I couldn’t believe the way they could twirl on one toe. They used so many visuals while dancing in synch.

After seeing the show I was in the Christmas spirit even more so than before. I think the whole performance– down to the costumes — were amazing. I would recommend this show for families to enjoy a holiday performance. Click for show dates and times.  Many other ballet companies around the country perform The Nutcracker this time of year including New York State Ballet.




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