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Food, Festivities and Treasures: The Nuremburg Christkindlesmarkt – Part Two

- William

Welcome back! Today, we will cover part two in your training course for the Christmas markets of Germany!

Every year ,Germany becomes home to many Christmas Markets, or Christkindlesmarkts, which attract visitors from all over the world. Last session, we covered most of the fantastic foods you can usually find at these festive markets. This time, you will find out more on the activities at these markets.

In most markets, there is an area with rides for the children. The most famous of these is the carousel. The carousels from two different markets rarely look alike. The Nuremburg Christkindlesmarkt is the largest Christmas market in Germany. The carousel here is huge with two stories. There are the standard wooden horses, along with many other animals like pigs, roosters, and elephants, all carved out of solid wood.  Up above are more creatures, plus rotating bubbles for up to four people each. Other markets still have rides like this, but few are as spectacular.

Other rides vary from market to market. The Nuremburg Christkindlesmarkt also had a train running on a track which kids could ride on and even a Ferris wheel. Some of the stands have games to play for prizes.

Sometimes there are even pony rides! Petting zoos are not as common, but are still open in some markets. Besides all of this, many places have an advent calendar, where on each of the twenty four days proceeding Christmas, a new window is opened up, revealing a hidden picture. The Nuremburg Christmas market also has an impressive opening ceremony to officially begin the festivities.

Well, that’s as much as I can tell you for now! Coming up next: The Treasures of the market.




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