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Surprise in Florida

- Caroline

During a Christmas family vacation in Florida one year, we didn’t have the usual “stockings hung by the fireplace with care,” yet we still managed to find some sweet Christmas surprises.  Finding unexpected activities, amenities or foods while on vacation can be as exciting as Christmas morning when you find the cookies left for Santa have all been eaten!

During our trip we discovered Daytona Beach, which was a small road trip away from where we stayed in Orlando. We had rented a car and drove to the beach. The cool and unique thing about Daytona Beach is that you can drive your car ON the beach! This was the first surprise we discovered.

You’ll notice that my mom is bundled up in the photo. In Florida? The second surprise of the day was that it was NOT typical warm weather in Florida. On average it’s expected to be in the 60’s in Florida in December. When we stayed there it was in the low 50’s. While it was still sunny and warmer than Cleveland, it was not ocean swimming weather  :(

My sister and I decided to drive around the beach while my parents went for a walk and to our surprise we learned how hard it is to drive on sand! As a Clevelander we’re used to snow, sleet, and hail, but sand was a whole new game. At one point we found ourselves stuck in the sand. We tried rocking the car to get out (a typical stuck in snow move) but the car still wasn’t budging. Luckily a van was driving nearby that saw we were stuck and helped push us out. Super embarrassing, but luckily they were from Pennsylvania and have seen cars get stuck plenty of times.

The rest of our trip in Florida was fun and filled with sunshine. But the day trip to Daytona Beach was a sweet surprise for all of us.




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