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Enjoy the flavor of Madrid with Gastrofestival

- Ginny

 New Years 2009-2010 was a trip I will never forget, and partly because of the dining culture of Madrid. Mealtime is not perceived as simply a time to eat until you are full and leave; it is also a time when family and friends can get together and socialize (not to mention eat delicious tapas).

From January 23rd to February 5th, the city will celebrate this, allowing as many people as possible to “experience Madrid, Spain with your taste buds”. During the 3rd annual  Gastrofestival (the prefix Gastro suggesting the purpose of the festival — to expose residents and visitors to the ‘gastronomy’ of the city), almost 300 participating establishments will offer special services in honor and celebration of the fine dining options of Madrid.

Every year, Gastrofestival works with celebrated Spanish chefs.

These activities fall under 6 categories:

Sensory Experience will include tasting sessions and gastronomic tours of the city. Activities organised by the San Miguel Market and the new San Antón Market are highlighted for lovers of tapas.

Gastroculture involves painting, film, theatre and literature. Art galleries will be holding special exhibitions and there will be talks and workshops at some of Madrid’s leading museums. There will also be  special activities for children organised by the Sorolla Museum and a guided tour at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, ending with a unique tapa made specially for the occasion.

Also, the Spanish Film Library will have a new film season all about food, while Microteatro Por Dinero will be putting on plays with a culinary theme. Gastronomic literature will also play a part with a talk on the book “Curiosidades gastronómicas de Madrid”, published recently by José María Escudero Ramos.

With Madrid – A Gastronomic Capital, gourmet food stores and cookery schools will be offering attractive discounts. Also, bars and taverns will have drink specials and unique concoctions, while restaurants will prepare special menus to introduce their specialties and new dishes

Gastrohealth allows discounts to those interested in beauty treatments with chocolate, cherries or oil, as well as on spa services. A course in healthy cooking will also take place.

Wine Culture includes tasting sessions, routes illustrating the culture of wine and courses on Spanish wine varieties.

Gastrofashion incorporates the city’s fashion shops and boutiques, which will be featuring gastronomic themes in their window displays.


Get in the spirit with me by watching the below video!

Warning: it may cause your mouth to water and stomach to grumble.






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