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Mohonk House, NY

- Tyler

The week before we got out of school for the holiday recess, I went with my family to the Mohonk Mountain House, a year-round resort in New Paltz, NY with tons of great activities. It only took us about an hour to get there from where we live just out side New York City, and when we got there we were greeted with afternoon tea and cookies.

The Mohonk House is situated right on Lake Mohonk and surrounded by the Catskill mountains, so there was a lot to do, from hikes to skating, and that’s just in the winter. When it’s warm out The Mohonk House is famous for it’s rock climbing and rock scrambles, although we got there a little too late in the season for that. My brother and I actually had a lot of fun skating around in their pavilion. It even had a huge 39 foot-tall fireplace to warm up around. And my brother really liked to swim in their indoor pool.

Mohonk’s property goes on for miles (40,000 acres to be exact), so there are lots of other places to hike and drive outside the resort, even though it’s really fun to explore around the resort, which my brother says “looks like Hogwarts”. When it was too cold or to dark to be outside, my whole family would go to the billiard room to play pool. But perhaps my favorite part of all was the food, which was amazing and left me stuffed after every meal. I wouldn’t mind going back again this winter, because they have some pretty cool activities in the skating pavilion: curling and broom hockey.




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