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Cake Boss…Is Boss!

- EmilyH

The first time I went to Carlo’s Bakery, I was so excited because I have seen the show on TV and I always wanted to experience what it was like in person. The bakery is a famous bake shop in Hoboken, NJ featured on the very popular TV show called “Cake Boss” and “The Next Great Baker” on the channel TLC. It is in close proximity to New York City (about a 10 minute drive). It is definitely worth the trip if you are in the area because this is where they actually film parts of the show.

When we got there, we saw the store and it was packed to the brim with people! Luckily, we were able to squeeze in and get a ticket and wait inside until they called our number. As we were waiting on line, a man came out of the group of people and handed us his ticket, which was 30 orders closer to the current number on the screen! We were so thankful for that man because if he didn’t give his ticket it us, we probably would have been waiting for at least another hour!

When our number was called, I was anxious to see all of the goodies in the cabinets. There were so many choices! There were cupcakes, cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, lobster tails, crème puffs, cookies, and so much more! I got a lobster tail, my two sisters got chocolate covered strawberries and my mother got a red velvet cupcake. Man, they were delicious! The lobster tail was so delicate and so sweet.

We even got to see the owner’s sister, Mary, who is one of the characters on the show. I was hoping that Buddy Valastro, the owner ( AKA “The Cake Boss”) would have come out of the kitchen but no such luck.

On our second visit to the bakery in the summertime, we wanted to order a cake for my sister’s birthday. This time the line to get inside the bakery was around the block with a 2 hour wait. Unfortunately, we had to leave. My mom called to see how we could order a cake without waiting so long. When you are ordering a cake, you can simply go to the front of the line and let them know that you want to place a cake order. We went back the next day and were escorted effortlessly through the front door. We had a little consultation with a bakery employee just like they do on the show and picked up the cake the following week. The cake was the best cake I have ever had and was the highlight of my sister’s party!




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