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The World’s Only Corn Palace

- Hannah

Have you ever seen a building made entirely out of corn?

No? Well, believe it or not there is a “palace” that has its entire exterior and interior decorated with corn. The world’s one and only Corn Palace can be found in Mitchell, South Dakota.

The original Corn Palace was actually called the “Corn Belt Exposition” and was founded in 1892 by early settlers. In order to display the fertility of their land, they attached the fruits of their harvest to the building. Soon it became a local attraction, and then one of the most interesting sites for sightseers around the state.

Every year, the corn palace is stripped down both inside and out, and completely remodeled. The new theme is selected by the Corn Palace Festival Committee, and local artists design the fresh murals. One of the interesting things about the corn palace is that it is not only an attraction. This building also serves as one of the community’s multi-use centers. Stage shows are performed inside, as well as the towns sports events.   The Corn Palace is available for rent, but it is quite expensive. I would recommend taking a quick visit, as there is no entrance fee for tourists.

The Mitchell Corn Palace is an interesting and somewhat weird place to while away an hour or two with your family. If you ever happen to be passing through the area, you should definitely take an afternoon to visit and look at the world’s only building made out of corn.




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