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Rocking Horse Ranch, NY: Summer Fun

- EmilyH

My family has been going to the all-inclusive family resort called The Rocking Horse Ranch in Highland, NY for the last 5 years. It is located about 1 ½ hours from New York City.

The resort is located on 150 acres and is easy to find your way around. My parents feel comfortable letting my sisters and me walk to and from activities by ourselves.  We have vacationed with a different family each time we have gone to the ranch, which makes it feel like a different experience every time. We have visited the resort mostly in the summertime but one of our visits was in the wintertime. I will be telling you about my summer experience in this article.

From the moment you arrive at the ranch, your vacation begins. You can start off (and we always do) with one of the resort’s one hour long horseback ride on a trail in the mountains. There are 3 different levels that you can ride (beginner, intermediate and advanced) with 6 different time slots during the day to ride. They are basically every hour from 8 am to 3 pm with a break for lunch. During our 3 day vacation, we usually ride between 8 and 10 times because we love it so much! There is also an indoor and outdoor pool with a waterslide. They have many scheduled daily events such as a morning bingo game, an afternoon family softball game and nightly family entertainment.

Other activities that you can do are waterskiing, banana boat rides, kayaks, mini golf, rock climbing and bungee jumping. If you have never waterskied before, this is the place to learn! You can try it the traditional way with a long rope to pull you up or they have a learning bar. This metal bar is attached to the side of the boat (no rope) that you hold on to so you can get the idea of how it feels to waterski. In the event of rain, they have an indoor “fun barn” to play ping-pong, volleyball and rock climbing. The bungee jumping was new this year and of course, very popular. You bounce on a trampoline while harnessed in around your waist and do flips in the air. This was a thrilling experience!

All of the meals are included during your stay and they are awesome! You can order and eat as much as you want. They seat you with other families so you get a chance to meet new people. Breakfast and lunch are buffet style while dinner is a sit-down waiter service. The desserts are the best part of every meal! We hope to go back this summer and I wonder who will be joining us this year?!

You and your parents can find out more about Rocking Horse Ranch by going to:




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