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Winter Fun at Rocking Horse Ranch, N.Y.

- EmilyH

I recently wrote about my family’s summer visit to Rocking Horse Ranch in Highland, NY. In this article I will be instead discussing my wintertime experience at the all-inclusive family resort, Rocking Horse Ranch, which is about 1 ½ hours from New York City. Of course, the true summertime activities (waterskiing, banana boat rides, kayaks, etc) are shut down at this time but the resort offers snow skiing and snowtubing in their place. Horseback riding still takes place during the winter with the same riding schedule (6 times per day with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels). Be prepared to bundle up because it gets really cold on the hour long trail ride in the mountains!

If you have never skied before, this is definitely the place to learn. Your ski lift ticket and ski rentals are included with your stay at the resort. All you have to do is walk a short distance from the main lobby to the rental shop, have your boots and skis fitted and walk right onto the slope. It really is that simple! There is a bunny hill for beginners with ski instructors ready to assist you in addition to a bigger hill for the more experienced skier. If skiing is not your thing, you can move on over to the other half of the bigger mountain to snowtube. There is one lane for single riders and one lane for a group/family of 4 riders. There is something for everyone at the Rocking Horse Ranch.


But if skiing or snowtubing have you wiped out or made you cold, you can go swimming in the indoor pool. Other indoor activities include minute-to win-it and trivia games that everyone can participate in. Your family can challenge another family to games in the Wii room or the arcade.

One of our favorite things to do at the ranch, which occurs all year round, is to watch the horses complete their work day and head home to their stables across the street from the ranch. The wranglers rope off a section of the road so the horses can cross safely. Since there are more than 100 horses, they divide them into groups of 20 and do this crossing task 5 times. It is really cool to watch the horses run freely across the street after a hard day’s work. I have so many wonderful memories from the Rocking Horse Ranch with my family and hope there will be more to come!

Check out their year-round activities for families at:




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