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California: Santa Monica Pier

- Cathleen

With the weather being so nice in California, it’s no surprise that little carnivals are around the area. My family decided to take a step back from the big amusement parks, and stroll over to the Santa Monica Pier for some food and fun. It’s the coolest thing to see all of the activities that are on the pier.

There’s something to do for everyone on this pier. You can take a little thrill ride on the roller coast, or check out the sights from the top of the Ferris wheel. They have shops all along the pier so you can get a souvenir for yourself or a friend. There is parking and beach access, and even an aquarium! After my family and I took a ride on the roller coaster, we had a nice dinner at the end of the pier. At the beginning of the pier was the famous Joe’s Crab Shack. It was definitely a place like I haven’t experienced before.




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