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California: Six Flags Magic Mountain

- Cathleen

On the third day of my family vacation to California, my dad wanted to take us to another amusement park. It has been about 13 years since our last visit to California and my dad wanted to go back to Six Flags Magic Mountain to ride the famous Superman ride. As we walked into the park I noticed all of the hills that are throughout the park. There are huge rides and even bigger hills. The park makes a big circle, so we decided to make a lap around hitting every ride we could.

I could not believe all of the cool rides they had. They have a couple good wooden coasters, little rides kids enjoy, and feet dangling rides. But I was most impressed with two interesting rides in particular.

The first is called X2. This massive coaster holds riders on 360ᵒ rotating seats. You go from head first, to face down, and sometimes not even knowing where you are! It is definitely one of the most thrilling rides I have ever been on.









The other coaster I was really impressed with is called Green Lantern: First Flight. It is similar to X2 in that it has 360ᵒ rotating seats.  This ride takes you up and spins you upside both frontwards and backwards for a very exhilarating ride. This vertical zigzag pattern track has never been done before.

And finally, the ride my dad was most excited to ride was Superman. It is another unique ride that shoots riders at 100mph, up a 415 ft, 90ᵒ angle hill then lets gravity do the rest as you fall back down the hill in the opposite direction you went up! It was a very fun ride!

Although this park is filled with big, thrilling rides, it still has its sections for children to enjoy. There are shows for people who don’t want to ride anything at all too. I would have to say that I was very impressed with this park; they have so many rides of all different sorts you never get bored.




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