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California: NBC studio tour

- Cathleen

When my family and I went to California, we all had our eyes peeled to spot a celebrity. To make that dream a reality, we all decided to take a tour of the NBC studio in Burbank, CA. It was so cool knowing that so many shows were filmed through NBC studios including “The Weakest Link”, “Family Feud”, and “Late Friday”. Currently the main show that is still shooting at the studio is the popular soap opera “Days of our Lives”.

The tour of the studio is 70 minutes long and you walk the entire time. My favorite part of the tour was seeing where “The Fresh Prince of Bellaire” filmed. No picture taking is allowed on the tour, but it was cool just knowing that Will Smith had worked at that studio for years. After our tour ended we decided it was time to see a celebrity in action. The one and only show that is taped live at this NBC studio is “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”. Tickets are open to the public, for free. All you have to do is walk up to the studio, get a number then wait to be seated in the studio. It is a first come first serve basis so some people get there very early. We were psyched that we got tickets! Jay Leno came out before we taped the show and talked to the audience and took pictures with some of his fans. It was really cool.

There was so much energy during the whole show! We made sure we watched the episode later that night; I think I might even have caught a glimpse of the back of my head! It was an awesome experience!




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