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Card Sharks?!

- Caroline

Traveling with a group of people that you are not super close with can be stressful sometimes. Combine that with waiting two hours for a flight and you have awkward boredom. The secret to breaking both – card games!

When I traveled to New Orleans a few years ago, there were eight of us traveling together. Some of us were already familiar with each other, while others weren’t. Once we all settled at the airport concourse waiting for our flight I pulled out a deck of cards. Not just any cards – a game of “Would you Rather.” This game involves different sets of scenarios that are weird and make you think.

The eight of us sat in the airport taking turns reading scenarios out loud to everyone else. Soon we were all laughing at some of the hilarious outcomes that we ‘would rather do’ like have 5 inch big toes rather than 5 inch thumbs.  Before we knew it the two hours flew by and we already had stories to laugh about – and the real vacation hadn’t even begun!

Looking back, playing that card game was not the highlight of the trip, but it did provide a fun start. Everyone felt comfortable with each other and no one was bored at the airport. Next time you pack for a trip – think about tossing a card game in your luggage, you never know the memories it’ll create.




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