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Edmonton Mall

- Cathleen

With the snow coming down hard, my dad and I needed to get out and do something fun. Since our pool is closed down for the winter, we figured we would hit an indoor water park. There are a few waterparks in and around Ohio, but we deiced we would go somewhere new for a change. So we packed our bags and headed up to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Edmonton is the location of West Edmonton Mall, which is a huge mall that contains so many different things.

You can do your shopping, eat dinner, check into a hotel, enjoy a movie at the theater, hop on a roller coaster at their amusement park, or throw on a bathing suit and jump into the water park. The amusement park, Galaxyland, is the world’s largest indoor amusement park and contains some very fun rides including the mind bender. The mind bender is a triple loop ride, and is very tall for being indoors.

The other ride that my dad and I really enjoyed was the Galaxy Orbiter, it’s a smaller coaster, but it’s the kind of ride that the cars spin as the ride moves! It was so much fun. The indoor amusement park has other spinny rides and games for younger children, but going for those two rides alone was worth it. The next activity my dad and I went to was the indoor water park called World Waterpark. This indoor waterpark has over 10 water slides. They break down the water slides into categories “beginner slides”, “intermediate slides”, “advanced slides”, and “extreme slides”. All of the slides, I thought, were pretty thrilling, but there was one particular slide that was unlike I have ever been on before. It’s called the cyclone and it is their newest attraction. It is a water slide that goes upside down!

You stand in an enclosed case and then the lifeguard clicks a button and the floor disappears beneath you and you are upside down the next thing you know. It was the most thrilling water slide I’ve been on to date. This water park has other activities for family members of all ages including two different hot tubs, a wave pool, and even a kiddy area. One thing is for sure, if you go to the West Edmonton Mall, you will not be bored.




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