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Camping Memories from Middle School

- Caroline

Back when I was in middle school, my whole grade spent a week at Mohican Outdoor camp in Ohio. Looking back at the photos I can still remember how my sixth grade self was “roughin’ it” because I was out of my comfort zone.

These are a few things that I had to get used to during that week:

5 showers for 35 girls

In a family of four, shower time is not ever a huge deal.  Waiting in line to shower was new to me! We used our time wisely and brushed our teeth while in line.

Chores including Feed the Snakes!?

Everyone had a different chore as a way to build character and teach responsibility. Feeding the snakes was one of them…and it was my chore! I’m no fan of snakes – or anything that looks like a snake (yes that include worms). I flinched as I lifted the cage lid and tossed in pieces of food. Luckily no rats or live animals were used as feed!

Walking through the woods for our meals

The cabins where we slept were about 300 feet away from the meal house. It was not a far walk but it was an outdoor walk. Boots are a must when camping! (If I learned nothing else on that trip, it was wear boots.) Umbrellas and ponchos are always a handy thing to toss in your bag too.


Looking back and reminiscing about my class trip, I can happily save I survived and actually learned some important things about myself too!

I was nervous prior to the trip for several reasons since the entire week was outside of my comfort zone. That week spent ‘roughin’ it’  holds many memories that still make me laugh to this day!





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