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Don’t forget the Toothpaste.

- Caroline

As I’m packing for my upcoming vacation this year I find myself running from room to room, grabbing last minute “essentials” and panicking about having everything I need. I tend to always forget something, not pack enough of something, or not have enough room to pack what I need.  In light of my poor packing skills my mom popped in reminding me “Don’t forget toothpaste”. Moms are so helpful sometimes! Here are a few more suggestions I thought I would share because they helped me.

  1. Check the weather (before your trip!) I’ve made the mistake of assuming Florida means tank tops and flip flops, even during “unseasonable cold” times.  Before you know what kind of outfits or shoes to pack, hop online and check the weather for wherever you are going.  Also be careful about places that anticipate lots of rainfall. (Like London, England; packing my umbrella saved me!)
  2. Lite Reading. I’ve heard that “getting there is half the fun” but don’t believe that can be true unless you come prepared.  Wether it’s during long plane rides, road trips or mixture of the two; you’re trapped with no where to go. Might as well dive into a good book and make your local librarian proud.
  3. Snacks. It’s easy to forget in the excitement that you’ll probably get hungry on vacation when lunch or dinner is hours (or miles) away.  Individually wrapped snacks (that won’t melt) will come in handy and are easy to carry with you.  As a bonus, the space that the snacks take up in your suitcase can be filled with souvenirs from your trip on your way home.
  4. Travel sized items. As I went to grab full size shampoo and conditioner bottles my mom reminded me of the actual size my suitcase was and could hold.  Small travel size items (that are called travel size for a reason!) fit in suitcases much easier and can be thrown away after the trip is over, creating more space on the way home. When I shop at drug stores I look for everything in travel size now; they have toothpaste, deodorants, shaving cream and hair spray – pretty much all of the essentials.)

If you’re like me, you find it near impossible to pack your life into a 45inch duffel bag, but hopefully with these tips you’ll feel more relaxed and can finish your packing and start your vacation already! Happy Travels :)




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