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Planning our Family Vacation

- Caroline

This is a picture of my family on one of our Spring Break vacations. It’s one of my favorite photos because it really highlights the (vacation) aspects of our family. We may be a close family unit – but sometimes planning our next vacation causes more headaches than the long car ride!

  1. The hotel. Before we took this family shot my dad yelled “hey lets get our hotel room in the background” (most people might want to see the water, my dad is always proud of the hotel he books!). We look for a few things in a hotel; continental breakfast, close to our destination (you can tell this was right up against the sand) and two separate rooms.
  2. The weather. Can you tell hot warm it is in the picture? I was there and I can’t. Everyone has a different layer on! (my mom and I are wearing sweatshirts on a beach!?) The warmer the better for our vacation motto. Especially for a Spring Break trip – leaving Cleveland, Ohio we want to see some sun and rock out our sunglasses!
  3. The sand. We all love the beach – it’s a safe bet for our vacation spot. We usually pack up a cooler (which is holding the camera in this photo) and hang out on the beach all day. My sister and I can get pretty competitive with the Frisbee toss (which of course made the photo). Mom likes to take walks on the beach (is she really wearing tennis shoes?!) Dad likes to ‘veg out’ on a lawn chair. Oh, and my sister works on her tan – it could be 55* and she’s in a tank top when there’s sun.

What a happy (looking) family!? I find it’s best that when you all have input and help plan the vacation, everyone will look forward to it. Sometimes it’s as simple as packing the Frisbee.




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