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- Tyler

After spending the first part of our Arizona family vacation in the rugged Superstition Mountains outside of Phoenix, we made our way out to the red rocked mountains and canyons of Sedona. Sedona is famous not only for it’s amazing landscape, but also it’s residents and shops. The town of Sedona is home to dozens of art galleries and quite a few “spiritual centers” where you can receive psychic readings, aura photos, or even a tour of Sedona’s “vortexes”, which are believed to be spiritual hotspots. My brother and I went for the aura photos. As it turned out, I actually seemed to stump the psychic after she couldn’t get the energy from my aura out of the room! When my brother tried to get his reading, my bright read aura kept clouding his. Apparently, this is an extremely rare phenomenon that she said only happens about once a year. Strange!

The most popular activity in Sedona, without a doubt, is the Pink Jeep Tour. This company takes you out on an off-road drive through the interesting landscapes of Sedona, all of course, in a pink jeep. If you are looking for other ways to get off the beaten track, I suggest taking one of the Segway tours, which are a lot of fun and also has views of great scenery. Sedona also has some great places to eat. There’s a great place called Elote which has some great Mexican food. Or if you are feeling more traditional, you can go the Silver Saddle Grill where you can try some delicious western specialties such as cactus fries, rattle snake meatballs (much better than they sound), and bison skewers. And to finish off your day, you can check out the brilliant night sky with Sedona Star Gazing. They offer a guide who shows you the constellations, galaxies, and stars with a pretty cool laser pointer and a high powered telescope.




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