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“White Water Rafting” for Non-Rafters

- Caroline

With spring in the air it’s hard not to have summer on my mind. Summer thoughts, in my mind, are water rides on hot sunny days. One of my favorite thrilling water rides is Cedar Point’s Thunder Canyon – which takes you on a short journey simulating a white water rafting experience.

Riders beware: you WILL you wet on this ride! Flip flops are highly recommended, as the water builds up in the bottom of the boat. Even if you keep your feet up, you might not be able to avoid the waterfalls. You may get SOAKED! Countless times I have been trapped under the waterfall or surprise “water canyons.” Twelve riders sit in a circular boat facing each other, by the end of the ride you’ll be laughing at yourself or others.

Though the thunder canyon ride is NOT a real White Water Rafting experience, it’s a fun way to cool off while you’re at the amusement park. Ride on.




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