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- Alex

Now that I’m a freshman at Boston College, my family looks for any excuse to come visit me. I have to admit, though, that Boston has some really great things to do so I can’t blame myfamily for visiting me every few months.


Last visit, my mom, 10-year-old brother Ethan and I checked out some of the top attractions using CityPASS. I’m surprised that with all our travels in the past (my mom’s a family travel writer and she’s the one who started this blog), that we never used CityPASS sooner. It’s a really convenient way to see the sights and it saves you lots of money since you don’t have to pay separate entry fees.

The cost for CityPASS Boston is $46 for adults and $29 for children. CityPASS is also available in the following cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Hollywood, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Southern California and Toronto.

Check this out for details on which attractions are included in CityPASS for each city.

The following are highlights of some of the Boston CityPASS family attractions we visited. Note that CityPASS Boston also includes the Museum of Fine Arts and the Old State House (Revolutionary War Boston). Complete details are here

My Mom loved the fact that with CityPASS we did not have to wait on the ticket line that was about 100 to 150 people long. We got to proceed to the CityPASS line which had no wait.

The New England Aquarium is very cool. The huge tank in the middle of the Aquarium was our favorite – we stood there for a long time just watching the sharks, rays and other huge fish
swim by.

My little brother Ethan was in his glory at this museum since he’s always loved animals and dinosaurs. Mind you, they’re all NOT alive here, but still her really got into it. I enjoyed being on
the campus of Harvard University.

After we visited the museum, we played “poster ball.” We used the poster my brother bought
at the museum, my Mom crumpled up paper from her notebook, and we played baseball in
Harvard Yard. Good times!

Being the science guy that he is, Ethan had fun with all the hands-on activities here.

Since my Mom loves butterflies and I enjoy taking photos, we really liked the butterfly room where real butterflies fly all around and sometimes they even land on you.

This was my favorite spot, mainly because I’m an avid photographer. The Skywalk Observatory
is on top of the Prudential Center, which is Boston’s tallest building. I got some fantastic photos
of the city, the Charles River and the Boston Common.

My brother enjoyed the “push the button” display about some of Boston’s famous citizens.
Since my Mom’s grandparents were immigrants, she really liked the “Dreams of Freedom
Immigration Museum” which is part of the Observatory. The displays included photos, articles
of clothing, and steamer trunks that immigrants used on their journey to America.

After the Skywalk, make sure you check out the many really restaurants, food kiosks and shops

on the ground floor of the “Pru.” My favorite: P.F. Chang’s restaurant.


On your next trip to any of the aforementioned US cities, try out CityPASS, and truly live the tourist life!




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