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The Annual Family Vacation…

- Cathleen

My family has been going to Cedar Point for years!  Our love for amusement parks, the beach and the short 40-minute car ride from home attract all of us as the perfect summer trip. During the car ride there, we usually reminisce about past trips there. I know it sounds lame but some of the stories from those family vacations have become “legends” in our family.  Like the first time I rode a new ride and thought I was going to pee my pants! Or the time mom didn’t want to leave the lazy river, but we all wanted to hit the water slides.

When we were younger we would go up to Sandusky (where Cedar Point is located) for the day. Below is a picture taken in the ‘90s. The green roller coaster behind us is the Raptor – built in 1992. I’m probably upset that I’m not tall enough to ride it yet!

As we grew up we started spending the weekend there in the hotels. We would also invite our cousins to join us! Standing on the beach are all the cousins. Behind us is Breakers hotel (where we stayed) and Top Thrill Dragster – 420 feet tall!

There always seems to be more things to do – like rent jet skies, which is what the life jackets are for in this picture below. Every year we return to Cedar Point we create new family memories (and hope to ride the “new ride” for that year!)




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