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Grand Canyon

- Tyler

For the final part of family trip to Arizona, we left the red rocks and mountains of Sedona to make our way through the Navajo Indian Reservation on our way to the Grand Canyon. Even though we were “in” the Grand Canyon just last summer on a rafting trip of the Colorado River, we never saw it from the rim, which is where the amazing panoramic views are that make it so famous.

On the drive up we stopped by a Native American trading posts in the town of Cameron, where we bought some Native American artwork. The trading post sells all sorts of souvenirs, including pottery, blankets, rugs, jewelry, instruments, and even head dresses, all made by the resident Navajos. We wanted to buy our souvenirs here because the money went to support the Native Americans who live in the nearby reservation.

When we finally got to the National Park my Dad, who used to work for National Geographic, raced right by the Grand Canyon because he was determined to take us to see the National Geographic Visitor’s Center before it closed for the day! It has a gift shop, park information, and an IMAX movie that shows the history of the canyon.

Now that we’d seen it on film, the next day we woke up early to see it for real. Our plan was to go on a half-a-day hike about halfway down the south rim. Once again we were taken by guides from Just Roughin’ It, who also led us through the Superstition Mountains in Tempe earlier in the week. This guiding company also does multi-day hikes, where you actually camp out overnight in the canyon, but we didn’t have enough time to do that. Maybe next time.

When we met our guide, we hopped onto one of the park’s free busses and rode over to the trailhead the South Kaibab Trail. From the top of the rim, we worked our way down about 2 miles into the canyon, occasionally stopping for pictures, until we got about halfway down to Skeleton Point, where we stopped for lunch. After we got back up to the top we said good-bye to our guide and spent the rest of the day going along the canyon to get a view from the rim from a few different view points. After seeing the canyon from the rim I was able to really appreciate how amazing it is, just like the rest of the state of Arizona!




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