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The Sights of Summer

- Caroline

With spring break come and gone – I’ve got summer on the brain! No matter what you’re summer vacation plans are, there are a number of places that you will want to see sometime in your lifetime. The “sights of summer” I like to call them, because when I close my eyes I can picture the below…

The Grand Canyon

River rafting in the Grand Canyon will take your outdoors experience up a notch! The caves, rocks, and of course river will all grab your attention in a very different way. When you’re there, you feel apart of nature and can easily forget about any ‘digital age’ that exists beyond the river.

Niagara Falls, Canada

THE falls is like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Day or night – whenever you look at it, gallons upon gallons of fresh water are rushing over the falls. There are a number of different tour boats that take you close to the action! Summer time is great for the falls because you’ll cool off as the mist hits you gently.

The Gulf of Mexico

Where else can you see natural water – this blue? It’s amazing and makes me want to swim all day! The photo below is taken from Cancun, Mexico where there are long stretches of beaches waiting for you to relax and explore the blue waters.

Every summer vacation presents itself with photos and memories, but some will stick in your mind more vividly than the rest. If you’re lucky enough to make it to any of the places listed above – pack your camera and be ready for jaw dropping scenery shots!




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