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CN tower edge walk

- Cathleen

Being from a family that loves to travel it is no surprise that I have been to Canada a number of times. As I was browsing the internet for new attractions that I could plan a summer vacation around when I came across the most terrifying adventure I’ve read about. It’s called “Edge Walk” and it is Toronto’s newest attraction. Most people are familiar with the beautiful CN tower, you can take pictures of it and eat dinner up there, but now you are able to walk, outside, full circle around the giant tower! 1168 feet in the air guests can pay $175 to take a 30 minute walk on the roof. Guests are safely strapped into a harness system connected to an overhead rail so the adventurers can walk all around the edge and, if they dare, lean over the edge of the tower and take in the breath taking views below them.

The season began May 1st, and will be open until October (weather permitting). To book online for a reservation, click here. Or if you are like me, you can enjoy the views safely from inside the tower, and stand over the thick glass which imitates the experience… on a smaller scale.





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