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Liberty Science Center

- Owen

Hi, I’m Owen,’s newest blogger in the New Jersey area.  Have you ever been to the Liberty Science Center? If you live in New Jersey, chances are that you have.  Whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth, it is a fun place to explore the world of science.  I always find something new there.  Although I’ve been there before, it’s so big, I’ve never actually been able to see everything that’s there.

I always love to see a new movie in the nation’s largest IMAX dome theater.  The last time I was there, I saw Born to be Wild, the true story of people who helped orphaned elephants and orangutans.  It was interesting, but I wish there was more information about the animals’ lives before they were rescued.  I can always hope for a sequel.  For space addicts, they’re also showing Space Junk, but I’ve seen my share of space movies already.

I also like to return to the Skyscraper exhibit.  It has a lot of hands-on activities.  My favorite part of it is Walk the Steel, where you get to climb across steel beams 18 feet in the air.  The harness gives you a bully-sized wedgie, but it’s worth it.  There are also pieces of the actual World Trade Center in this exhibit.

World Trade Center beam

For animal lovers, there’s a huge exhibit on animals, called Eat and be Eaten and also an exhibit with sea creatures, called Our Hudson Home.  You might want to pick up a schedule when you first get to the Science Center, so you can check the times for when you can actually touch some of the creatures.  I’m not a big animal person, but when I saw the giant roaches, I couldn’t hold back a chuckle.

In Wonder Why, you can climb across a rock wall and make a giant bubble wall.  You can also “see sound” by watching the sound vibrations make little beads move.  While you’re on the fourth floor, make sure you try out the Touch Tunnel.  It’s pitch black so you have to feel your way through the tunnel maze.  Sometimes, they add lightning and thunder to scare you.

When you pick up your event schedule, check out all the Live Science demonstrations, and make sure you make it to a few.  My favorite was when I got to be a surgeon and operate on a banana in the Infection Connection.  Hanna Banana was a very odd looking banana with some health problems.  While you’re there, you can watch the surgery on a huge, flat screen TV that probably cost a lot of money.  After surgery, I got to be a lab scientist and find out which fake patient was sick by running tests on specimens.  The lab closes early, so go there first.

So, next time you’re bored and looking for somewhere to go, check out the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey.  With all its hands-on activities, it’s much better than your traditional museum where you just look.

And if you have extra time, don’t forget to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island across the river.


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